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Welcome to BIS
We are a newly opened Rise Of The Guardians based roleplaying forum, and we welcome both canons from the books and movie as well as original characters.

Please be sure to read the rules and guidelines! You can contact the admins by Private Messaging the Man In The Moon account.
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Ebony Thompson
Ebony Thompson

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PostSubject: Ebony Thompson   Ebony Thompson EmptyWed Feb 13, 2013 1:24 am

Character Name: Ebony Mae Thompson

Nickname(s): Ebi, 'creepy girl'

Age: 11

Guardian, Spirit, or Human: Human

Physical Appearance:
Ebony Thompson AuiC81b

Ebony's hair is black with a slight violet tint, it falls to just below the shoulders in length and is messily spiked at the bottom, hanging in straightened layers. She has striking purple eyes that are quite large in comparison to the rest of her face, though they seem dull and void of emotion most of the time. Her skin is very pale since she avoids the daylight, making her look sickly and earning her the nickname 'creepy girl'

Mental Health:
A touchy subject really, although Ebony herself would argue that she's perfectly sane, this is far from true. Being such a young girl. Ebony doesn't really understand about mental health. But she suffers from Insomnia and borderline Anxiety Disorder. She doesn't like being happy or cheerful because she think's its false, so she likes the hide in the 'comfort' of fear and sadness.

Physical Health:
She is physically fit and relatively healthy, although skinny.

Personality/Attitude: Neurotic, possessive, cold, distant, fearful...generally too messed up to put into words....She's a dark little girl who's really hard to understand. She comes across as cold hearted and intimidating at first... but deep down she's a super big softie. When she isn't seen brooding or sulking somewhere, she probably has her head in a book. She has a general hatred for the world and it's fake-ness, she doesn't need a particular reason to dislike someone/something.

Guardian/Spirit connection: Unfortunately for Ebony, she has a spirit connection with none other than the king of nightmares himself; Pitch Black. Probably one of his only consistent believers, she practically idolises the Boogeyman for the fear that he brings and wishing her insomnia would let her sleep so that she can have nightmares.

Biography: "Don't try to pacify me with false hope and happiness. I see the world for what it really is; dark. I may be young, but don't fool me into thinking it will get better as I grow up. It won't"

Growing up, Ebony was always 'different'. As an infant she never cried, she was practically silent. As a toddler she wouldn't play with her toys or try to socialise with anyone at the playgroup her parents had enrolled her into. As a young child, Ebony would shut herself away and spent her time reading. Though she was never a badly behaved child and she always did as she was told, her parents were worried by her lack of positive emotion.

After taking her to see a doctor, and many many counselling sessions, Ebony was explained to have an irrational fear of being happy. Her parents tried to be understanding, but to Ebony it just came across like they were pitying her. She goes to see a counsellor regularly, and she has told her counsellor stories of the Boogeyman who comes and brings her fear. Of course, the counsellor dismisses such stories as childish nonsense.

Ebony's connection to Pitch is probably owing to her mental health and need to be afraid. She fears happy times because she knows they never last and often go wrong. So she clings to the darkness to avoid disappointment. Its ironic really, to enjoy being afraid but also suffering from anxiety. The constant fear, the nagging worry in the back of her mind is both a blessing and a curse to the young girl.

Likes: Darkness, being sad and/or afraid, rainy days, anything interesting or mysterious, reading by candlelight.

Dislikes: Surprises, being 'happy' or optimistic, sunshine, parties, when people try to be 'friendly' with her, and when her parents pity her.

Anything Else Relevant: whether or not Pitch knows about Ebony's connection too him is entirely up to the Pitch RPer. I'm not trying to power play or godmod over Pitch lol.

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Lily Amberline
Lily Amberline

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PostSubject: Accepted!   Ebony Thompson EmptyWed Feb 13, 2013 7:47 am

Ebony Thompson BxvgUiC

Congratulations! You are now free to post in the Roleplaying area of the forums with little Ebony here since she has been accepted. Make sure to have fun and follow the rules (why wouldn't you, you're the creator)!
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Ebony Thompson
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