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We are a newly opened Rise Of The Guardians based roleplaying forum, and we welcome both canons from the books and movie as well as original characters.

Please be sure to read the rules and guidelines! You can contact the admins by Private Messaging the Man In The Moon account.
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Jack Frost
Jack Frost

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PostSubject: Jack Frost   Jack Frost EmptySun Feb 17, 2013 2:17 pm

Character Name: Jack Frost

Nickname(s): Jack. "Jackie-Boy"

Age: 318 years old

Guardian, Spirit, or Human: Guardian.

Physical Appearance: Jack Frost was once a rather normal looking young man with brown hair and brown eyes, but once MiM had chosen him as a spirit, upon his death he turned into a young man with white-silver hair and blue eyes. His hair is wild and unkempt and his eyes are always glowing with the mischief that he was born to commit. His skin is pale, with the exception of the patches of pink on his cheeks from all the snow that he is constantly surrounded by. With time his clothing has modernized, and now he wears a frost covered dark blue hoodie. His pants are worn and tied with burlap around his shins. He is always barefoot and has been for over three hundred years now.

Jack Frost Rise-of-the-guardians-trailer_510

Mental Health: Jack's mental health is pretty stable. He's a healthy rebellious youth. Though he once feared never being seen, this is no longer a fear as there are a few who believe in him, and he is slowly spreading his influence.

Physical Health: Jack is in tip top shape, he is young and active, and while he does have the occasional bruise from getting into a fight, it's nothing to worry about, after all he's a guardian they don't last very long at all being a spirit instead of a physical being!

Personality/Attitude: Jack Frost is the classic loner and rebel without a cause character. Eternally young, immortal, he is smart and as snarky as they come. A spirit of mischief and chaos, he loves to cause disarray in every situation that he can possibly take control of. He loves strong gusts of wind, and he loves snow days. Snow days are his specialty and whenever Jack is around one can certainly rely on him to stir up some fun! Being the Guardian of Fun, it is certainly something that is expected of him, without any exceptions. He enjoys hanging out with kids, younger than him and sometimes he tries his hand at those his age. There was a time in his life where he has doubted himself, and feared the darkness but with time this has slowly become something very diminished. Fear and doubt replaced by belief and strength. Despite being the chaotic and fun-loving spirit/guardian that Jack is, he also has a strong sense of justice, and a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. He protects those he loves valiantly, even if it means putting himself in true peril.

Special Powers/abilities: OR Guardian/Spirit connection: Jack Frost is as his name may indicate the spirit with the power of ice, and snow. He can create frost, and ice and snow with his staff and whatever he touches with his hand or feet. This is why his clothing is covered in frost, because of how cold he is. Along with this, Jack can also travel via wind, in fact that is his main way of travel.

Biography: Jack was born on a quiet evening at the end of winter on February 12th, sometime in the 17th century. He was born to a Quaker family, a loving mother and a father in the New World. This world was full of peril, and dangers and Jack was warned from the very start to not venture too far away without the supervision of his parents, though anyone who knew Jack well enough, knew that he was not a boy who enjoyed listening to orders, and almost everyone knew that he hated following rules. So even at a young age he often wandered from the small little settlement that he lived upon, with his parents and a few others, wandering deep into the forests often encountering dangers that no youngster could ever hope to overcome, but for some reason for... Whatever reason, luck was always on his side and something or someone would always rescue him. A small light if you will, and even when hope seemed dim, and the light did not come his parents or someone else did instead. However, despite these dangers, Jack never lost his bravery and over all desperate need to have fun at all times.

There was a time in his life however, perhaps around the time Jack had turned eight years old that his great thirst for fun and adventure seemed to diminish. It was when the light left the earth, there was a time in which darkness encompassed everything far and wide, and even the moon disappeared and he never quite understood why it did... But he soon was receiving nightmares, and life as a whole seemed very bleak, he had turned into a very lifeless boy who almost unnaturally began to follow orders. The moon did not return for years, not until his baby sister was born, and he had vowed upon that day that he shall protect her from the darkness that surrounded him, however...This soon turned to be a futile vow when the moon returned to the world. His parents had been calling it a climate change, something temporary or something along those lines, the winters were longer and all that, but the sun had returned and so did the moon and harvest and things would be good once more, but no... Jack knew there was something else, something causing the darkness that was not natural. He even thought he had seen shadows, but that hardly took very long to solve soon the light pricked his eye and heart once more and he was an adventurous boy once more. Though this time around, it was more like he took his sister on adventures with him. Always to have fun, always to enjoy life to the very fullest.

This continued on, and Jack grew into the silliest little "village clown" ever, he entertained the kids, and told them scary stories by the fire, and then tucked his sister into bed with stories about brave princes and princesses in far off lands! Things seemed to be very good, immensely so.

Until that day...

It was a bright winter day the sun was gleaming and reflecting off the snow, and Jack had put on the best and warmest clothing that he had, and with some makeshift ice skates he set off with his sister, but not without his mother giving them both a warning: "Be careful." Jack being who he was, grinned and saluted, his mother need not worry, nothing would ever happen to either of them, but boy... Boy oh boy was he so very wrong. Upon arriving at the frozen over lake, Jack and his sister began to skate around, laughing and goofing off, falling into the snow from time to time, things was enjoyable until Jack's sister skated over a very particular spot in the lake, where the ice was too thin to hold her up, and she stopped to make fun of Jack because he was making horns with his fingers and stomping around like a deer, but then she heard the frightening and ominous sound of the ice cracking below her feet, Jack was quite a bit away and she whimpered in fear.

Needless to say it did not take Jack very long to realize that his sister was in mortal danger, and so he very carefully moved over to her, she continued to whimper, "Jack.. I'm scared." She whispered to him, and Jack looked around frantically for a moment, he obviously did not want his sister to think he was scared too, and so instead he looked at her with confidence and grinned. "It's okay! We're gonna have some fun! Let's play a game!" He had seen a rather hooked stick off to the side, and so with a leap he grabbed it and then pointed it forward. His baby sister was then made to move ever so slightly forward in this "game" and with one swift movement, Jack hooked her leg, and pulled her to the safe side...But he switched spots with her, and with how much he weighed in comparison, they only managed to express to sympathetic smiles before the ice cracked, broke and Jack fell to his very icy and cold death.

Drowning, had never been a pleasant feeling for anyone, especially not Jack. But something happened while he floated there, his hair turned white, silver from the brown it had been, his eyes an icy blue from the warm brown that the were before, and slowly a light lifted him from the water. At first he was unconscious but then the moon spoke to him, and he stared in confusion. He was born from the ice and cold, his memories erased he no longer remembered what had happened this past afternoon.

Placed upon the very ice that he had died from, his feet froze the lake over more upon contact. Jack Frost was born, alive and as he began to walk away his foot nudged a familiar stick, he looked at it and seemed to have a gleam to it, so with a shrug he picked it up, only to realize that this "stick" was a staff and it possessed some special qualities, or rather.. HE possessed the qualities, and he could control snow and winter and ice!

That evening was extremely fun for him, until he had landed in the village that he used live in as a human, of course he had not realized this being that his memories were gone, but upon attempting to talk to someone they ignored him and when someone knocked into him, he only felt a cold burst of... He wasn't there. Nobody saw him...

So fast forward about three hundred years, Jack Frost had been living all by himself a lone winter spirit, causing chaos and fun wherever he went. He was alone and scared for a long time but he soon got used to his loneliness and exploited to his advantage.

This was all good and dandy of course, until that is the Man in the Moon (otherwise known as MiM) decided he needed to be a Guardian and so he was kidnapped away by North (Santa Claus) and made to fight Pitch, Pitch Black a Boogeyman who had once been a wonderful and valiant soldier of the light, possessed by the darkness. Once or twice Jack had almost been swayed, but the light in his heart constantly told him to stay true to who he was, and so he valiantly fought off the darkness, and even managed to get a few kids to believe in him after all that time! They could finally see him!

Jack finally became the Guardian of Fun, and his influence and existence would soon spread throughout the world and he finally feels confident in himself, because he has friends in the world, instead of being a total loner.

Likes: No rules, fun, friends, snow and games.

Dislikes: Rules, loud music, responsibility, not being believed in, and fear.

Anything Else Relevant: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Jack Frost   Jack Frost EmptySun Feb 17, 2013 10:53 pm

Jack Frost BxvgUiC
Welcome! Your character has been accepted!
You may now start posting the the RP areas of the forum.

Yay yay yay yay yay thankyou so much for joining I'm going to love you forever and ever and ever!!!! Very Happy Hopefully we can now get activity going here!!! Welcome!!
~ Admin Ebony
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