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Welcome to BIS
We are a newly opened Rise Of The Guardians based roleplaying forum, and we welcome both canons from the books and movie as well as original characters.

Please be sure to read the rules and guidelines! You can contact the admins by Private Messaging the Man In The Moon account.
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 Ahlix Hexbringer; Spirit of Mischief

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Ahlix Hexbringer; Spirit of Mischief Empty
PostSubject: Ahlix Hexbringer; Spirit of Mischief   Ahlix Hexbringer; Spirit of Mischief EmptyFri Feb 22, 2013 9:28 am

Character Name: Ahlix (Ah-licks) Hexbringer

Nickname(s): Crow (Given to him by children, who in belief mischief was nothing more than a pest nature, just like that of a heap of crows)

Age: Mischief is a nature that's been since the dawn of time, and so has Ahlix.

Guardian, Spirit, or Human: Spirit of Mischief

Physical Appearance: A tallish figure with an aura of insight. Ahlix stands nearly 6'3" in height with a frame that looks as fragile as 160lbs. While he man not be as masculine as he his slick, his other physical characteristics make up for the lack of fight. To start off, he is often cloaked in that of tattered, malnutrited oak colored hoodie that sits on top of his crimson-colored hair, spiking from the sides. Across his unknown eyes, he wears that of an age-stained blindfold, leaving him and his believers in thought of rather or not the man is blind. Last, but certainly not least is something that he shares in common with the Guardian of Fun; a firm pole, made of rosewood. It stands as tall as the Spirit's chin, and has many properties.

Mental Health: To be deemed the definition of mischievous, it goes without saying rather or not the mental health of this spirit is... sane. He reacts fairly neutral and doesn't tend to have any vendetta towards the Guardians nor Lord Dread, but his twisted speech and riddles will cause anyone to hesitate their impressions.

Physical Health: Nothing out of the normal; simply his lanky physic.

Personality/Attitude: Cunning, mindful, and full of surprises. There never goes a scenario that Ahlix doesn't have something pleasant up his sleeve in means of either causing a coincidence or consequence. Mentioned before on his grounds, he remains a neutral party in the battle of attention; taking in both the good and bad sides of things in glee. He doesn't necessarily call it plotting, but it's safe to say that he doesn't come to a party empty-handed.

Special Powers/abilities: Ahlix's power isn't quite as in tact as the other spirits; as it's more of his own being that it is something he can control. By lore, his presence is most commonly followed by that of mischief, rather it be up to no good, or something completely genius.
On side note, his treasured pole is the key to his focus; the ability to have an abnormal convincing talent to pressure his believers into doing what he personally finds right at the time. However, this is rarely used in a means of consequence or trouble; unless he's in one of his foul moods.
He also has an inhumane sense of direction, which makes the blindfold he wears a contradiction. He uses not only his hearing, but the wind, and earth, for his movements.

Biography: Little is known about Ahlix's pre-self, other than the fact he was a trouble maker. Or so he tends to say when asked. Not as young as Jack Frost nor as old as Pitch Black in comparison, Ahlix's age is only visible through his antics. Half the time he can be assumed as a child, while the other half is more considered as a trained adult who had succeeded through the trails of teen. Present day, while he still remains as a spirit and has accepted the fact of being transparent, he still finds ways to amuse himself in the sense he is not, nor ever was, alone. A rare day under the moon does he cross the path of someone who held familiar ground to at least hear his voice, and even more so does he ever find someone who he can physically touch. He spends most of his time wondering aimlessly in the direction of the wind.

Likes: Being the ever slightest gentleman, Ahlix can never pass down a gracious offer of Blacken Tea or Sweets. He is also quite fond of the Guardian of Fun, as they share a similar taste in positive humor. This may also work in reverse, however, towards Pitch Black's favor when attending negative humor (though this is currently remains unproven). He is also very fond of cats.

Dislikes: Not as offensive as it is demeaning, Ahlix has been through and through with the titles of either good or evil, in which truthfully he does not pick sides. Those who go by the assumption, however, are more likely to get on his nerves and provoke his more negative nature. It is also known to the less common, that he hates himself in the choice of being indecisive over his past. While he may refuse any and each time the opportunity given to learn what he was in his previous life, he will never understand as to why that is, not accept it.

Anything Else Relevant:
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Man In The Moon
Man In The Moon

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PostSubject: Re: Ahlix Hexbringer; Spirit of Mischief   Ahlix Hexbringer; Spirit of Mischief EmptyFri Feb 22, 2013 10:43 am

Ahlix Hexbringer; Spirit of Mischief BxvgUiC
Welcome! Your character has been accepted!
You may now start posting the the RP areas of the forum.

Welcome to the site!! Finally a spirit OC!! I was starting to think that we would only get humans who all love Jack... Anyways! I love Ahlix, he seems really cool and I can't wait to see how he interacts in roleplay! I would usually ask that you have an avatar image of your character, but if you can find one similar to what he should look like, that's okay Smile

~ Admin Ebony
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Ahlix Hexbringer; Spirit of Mischief
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