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We are a newly opened Rise Of The Guardians based roleplaying forum, and we welcome both canons from the books and movie as well as original characters.

Please be sure to read the rules and guidelines! You can contact the admins by Private Messaging the Man In The Moon account.
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 (EBONY) Sixth Sense

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PostSubject: (EBONY) Sixth Sense   (EBONY) Sixth Sense EmptyTue Feb 26, 2013 2:51 pm

Distress: verb; to cause suffering.

Distress; noun; suffering.

It wasn't something he was utmost fond of, but it was definitely something that spited him. A symptom of his presence, so to speak. Mischief came in all shapes and sizes, and simply because he enjoyed a bit of fun on his way out, didn't mean he didn't partake in misery. The M&M concept, he liked to call it. A darker side of the Spirit but certainly not unforgivable.

What had been unusual at the time, however, was the location of this negative entity. This pondering, confused soul. Burgess was usually a town of spite; the joyous atmosphere of Jack Frost's guidance and the welcoming community. But lately, there had been a darker side brewing. Something with darker intentions than a good hockey show down.

"How unfortunate for something so pure to fall so corrupted... Have you lost your touch, Jack?

I wonder... Am I becoming an existence much like yours?"

A childish snicker burrowed into the closed palm of the man as he hid that devious smile. To who would he be visiting today?

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Ebony Thompson
Ebony Thompson

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PostSubject: Re: (EBONY) Sixth Sense   (EBONY) Sixth Sense EmptyTue Feb 26, 2013 10:01 pm

For perhaps the hundredth time, Ebony had tried to run away from home again. It was becoming something of a habit for her, a routine even. She would run, her parents would eventually fetch her and drag her back home, and then she would run again. It was getting tiresome and boring to say the least, and Ebony wanted to spice things up a little this time around. She giggled to herself, but the sound sounded almost unnatural for a child, and was distinctly eerie.

"Try and find me this time, mother." she hissed lowly as she navigated her way through a patch of forestry. The girl had come to the conclusion that her hiding places were too obvious, and that was why they always found her. So now, Ebony was going as far into into the tree's as possible, straying further and further from the path. When the tree's became so dense that she couldn't even see any shred of light, the girl finally stopped.

She'd gone to greater lengths today than usual, perhaps feeling in a lighter and more mischievous mood today. She had days like this, where everything potentially dangerous, dark and reckless was somehow twistedly funny. And this? Well this took the cake. Ebony had deliberately 'dropped' some of her belongings down a street in the complete opposite direction. "They'll go looking for me in the wrong place!" she laughed.

The Thompson family hadn't lived in Burgess for very long, only having moved here little more than a few months ago, but the girl hated everything about the place. The atmosphere here was so light, and cheerful. It made her feel sick. But there were a few places that were pretty nice, and the forest she was in was one of these. Ebony stayed still so that not even the leaves rustled beneath her. She felt alone here, but more than that she felt a strange sense of calm. But how alone was she, really?
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: : The Beholder of Coincidental Consequences

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PostSubject: Re: (EBONY) Sixth Sense   (EBONY) Sixth Sense EmptyWed Feb 27, 2013 6:02 am

Sitting on top of his staff much like that of a witch, the redhead observed below. A thicket of trees much too dense for the naked eye to seek. This seem to be the place... He didn't need eye sight; in fact, his insight provided greater measures of mobility. One of his favored traits.

Curving the wind to some degree, Ahlix shifted himself upon the canopy, his thin, fragile form being so light that even the stacked snow barely twitched amongst the leaves. Just because he was a spirit, this left no room for excuses or short cuts. Even they had to maneuver through greater mass. But as punishment as some would say, people traffic was non existent.

The man halted a moment, trying to track that of his target in the depths below. Oh my was this one eager! The sheer bliss that he shared tingled all over his body, a smirk curving nicely to his lips. This one was definitely his cup of tea.

"Who am I to keep a guest waiting?" the Spirit hummed lightly, squatting against the canopy as he ran a thin, pale finger across some of the snow, creating an X. "Let's begin."

Standing to full height, there was a brief hesitation before the following actions; Ahlix moving only a few inches forward to place his bare feet on the pinpoint location. A lift of the heel, and his weight was shifted just enough to crack the snow, sending him downward. Much like a feline, the man pounced branch to branch, caressing the bark with his toes as he made his way toward the alluring presence.

There you are... his thoughts purred, landing carefully against one of the nearby trees to the girl. Bargaining on rather or not he should risk a closer view, it was easily decided curiosity over matter. Sitting aside to his staff like he had done previously, a flick of the wrist commanded that of the wind to level him with the girl.

"You know, running from home isn't very nice..." the voice cooed, testing the waters on rather or not he could be heard.
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PostSubject: Re: (EBONY) Sixth Sense   (EBONY) Sixth Sense Empty

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(EBONY) Sixth Sense
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